LyteSpark for Slack

Instant group video chats for your Slack team and channels

The LyteSpark Slack App provides dedicated video meeting rooms for each conversation and channel. All rooms include screenshare, live notes and document sharing.

Install the LyteSpark App
for your Slack Team


  1. Click the Add to Slack button to start the installation
  2. Select the team you want to integrate LyteSpark with and click Authorize
  3. Once the app is installed, open Slack and type /lytespark in any channel
  4. To invite the intelligent bot type
    /invite @lytespark in any channel

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How it works

Type a simple slash command to open the dedicated video room for your channel. Each video room includes screenshare, live meeting notes and document sharing.

/lytesparkOpens a dedicated video room for your channel

Intelligent Bot

You can also Invite the intelligent bot to a channel. When the bot senses that your Slack conversation could benefit from a bit of face-to-face chatting it will automatically propose that you nip into your very own video room.

/invite @lytesparkAdds the bot to the selected channel
/lytespark sleepSends the bot to sleep for the next 24 hours
/lytespark stopStops the bot until manually woken up
/lytespark wakeWakes the bot up

Help & Feedback

/lytespark feedback your_textSends a feedback
/lytespark helpSends you a private message with help
Need help?